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Symphonic Production has teamed up with the mysterious producer DVRKO to bring you Crypto House Vol. 1. You’ll find loads of house essentials in this pack. Kicks, snares, hats, tops, melodic, and gnarly basses – which were all created using modular racks and analog synths. We’ve also curated 20 Serum VST Presets to give you DVRKO’s production flair in the box.
Presented by HanaRoad and SoundLand, we bring you Electro Sax. Suited for Dance, EDM, Deep House or Pop, Electro-Sax presents a variety of organic recorded sounds, produced by the multi-platinum award-winning music producer Andy Platon in collaboration with Switzerland’s finest label and studio “Hana Road Studios”. You’ll find high quality saxophone recordings, along with a wide variety of keys, pad and arp loops, and fantastic synthesized drums that will make your tracks command the dance floor.
Brought to you by vocalist and producer BVLVNCE, we bring you “MetalTronic Vocals & Production Vol. 1”. This pack blends EDM with an emo and metalcore influence. You’ll find hundreds of vocal samples, along with drum loops, melodic loops, and even 20 Serum presets, 10 Vital presets, and 9 Cthulhu Arp and Chords presets to allow you to add a touch of BVLVNCE’s essence to your beats. This pack is perfect for dubstep, metal, trap, pop punk, dark electro, and even emo productions, and will infuse a fresh sound that will captivate fans from both the EDM and rock scenes. Shoutout to Mataio for the awesome demo beat!
A trap music legend in Brazil, JayKay brings you TrapFunk which incorporates elements of Baile Funk and popular Brazilian music with trap. JayKay is a multi-platinum producer, and has worked with Matuê, Racionais Mc’s, Krawk, Mc Kevin, Mateca, Rael, and countless others, who all boast millions of monthly listeners on Spotify. With passionate guitars, sentimental flutes, and hard hitting syncopated drums,TrapFunk will give you productions a taste of Brazil. There has never been a sample pack that blends these styles of music, so get your hands on it before the rest of the world does. We’ve also carefully curated 20 Serum presets for you to enjoy, sampling traditional Brazilian instruments to allow you to play them your way.
Get over 400 samples of Kimera’s sought after Hit Pop EDM vocals. Kimera is one of the industries top singers for hire, often seen in the number 1 spot on Soundbetter. Formerly published by Sony ATV, she has worked with Stargate, Louis Bell, Rodney Jerkins, and many more hit producers.

Whether you’d like to create your own vocal effects from the dry samples or choose from the variety of vocal engine style textures, you will find inspiration here. This pack is an extensive catalog of vocal adlibs, hooks and verses, harmonized vocal chord progressions, spoken and sung short phrases, transitions, vocal chop drop sections, and a myriad of “girl sounds” (laughs, kisses, uhhh, and other non sung adlibs).

As a bonus, Serum presets with Kimera’s vocals are included.  
Kimera’s vocal style is heavily influenced by Katy Perry, Dua Lipa, and Ariana Grande, with a lighter side at times à la Billie Eilish. 
Dive deep into the surrealist, shiny, and gritty world of hyperpop in Care Package.
You’ll find carefully curated melodic loops, with everything from heavily process metallic chords, to cute and cartoonish plucks.
Add groove with stank-face inducing drum loops, or use the supplied one shots to create your own bounces.
Inspired by the likes of Sophie, Charli XCX, MexikoDro lose yourself in the angsty, glitchy, rough, but cute sounds of Care Package.

We’ve also carefully curated 30 Vital presets and 28 Serum presets for you, and added macros to allow maximum customization of your sound when you’re producing. As a freebie bonus, we’ve also included an Ableton Drum Rack with all drum oneshots!
Presented by Master of Dreams, this pack contains a myriad of drum, bass, and melodic loops for all Italo Disco, Synthwave, and Nu Disco productions.Using a Roland TR-626 hardware drum machine, a Yamaha TMX, and the Kurzweil K-2000r sampler for drums to instantly incorporate smacking grooves into your productions.For the bass and melodic loops, we designed great presets using U-He Diva and Xfer Serum and played the most fantastic basslines and melodic ideas. If you want to create your own loops, we also included our 101 Diva presets and 20 Serum presets for your enjoyement!
Brought to you by JiaBeats, who boasts production credits for Kota the Friend, Wiley from Atlanta and Jerhell, “Jazz Vibrations” provides ample material for artists and producers to get creative. Inspired by composer Bob James and producer J Dilla, Jiabeats offers you real instrument recordings that you couldn’t even find in your best crate-digging session. Using an acoustic guitar, piano, alto saxophone, cello, electric guitar, Fender Rhodes, flute, harp, pan drums, ukulele, various synths, real drum kits, vibraphone, viola bass, and vocals, all these royalty-free compositions are bound to help you create music inspired by the soul and jazz of the 1970s.
Niphkeys is a Nigerian record producer and sound engineer from Nigeria. With tons of hits to his name, he has risen to become a phenomenal household name on the streets. Symphonic for Production brings you into his sonic world, with lush guitars, bouncy syncopated drums, and grooving basslines to inspire your Afrobeats creations. We also designed 20 exclusive Serum presets inspired from Niphkeys’ signature sound to help you immerse yourself and your listeners in his beautiful and vibrant vibes.
Drums galore! Inspired by the great Tame Impala, we bring to you Indie Pop Drums. We carefully recorded a Tama Birch Kit with pillowcases on all drum heads to give you dry and dark tones, to allow you to further process the drums any way you want. Using 16 mics to record the kit, including legendary mics like the Coles 4038, Neuman U87, and Telefunken 421, we then processed our loops and one shots with a Distressor compressor, Kush Audio Clariphonic EQ, Valley People Dyna-Mite Stereo Limiter, and DBX 162 Compressor/Limiter to give extra analog warmth to your sound. We also made sure to give you loads of drums fills to give your tracks great transitions. Who needs a drummer when you got Indie Pop Drums?
Perfect for laid-back productions, Slo’ Mello’ brings to your ears analog sounds, recorded and produced by prominent Columbian producer Zir Serio. Using live guitars, a 12 string guitar, Rhodes keyboard, Vibraphone, and Live Drums, we wanted to encapsulate the gritty but beautifully smooth productions of The Alchemist, Griselda and Mobb Deep. In order to give your beats that analog flair, we resampled our recordings using the popular sampler SP-404, giving you the flexibility of using pre-made SP-404 lo-fi loops, or process them yourself using the Clean versions.
Invigorated by funky licks and bouncy drums, Disco: Evolved puts a modern twist on 70s Disco nostalgia. With crisp synths from vintage 70s gear like the Prophet 5 and Juno 6; fat-sounding drums from analog synths; and groovy basslines from a Fender P Bass and a Novation BassStation II, we processed and meticulously curated production-ready loops and oneshots that are bound to add rich and shiny excitement to your creations.
A deep-dive into the warm analog world, Analog Heat delivers endless inspiration for producers looking to liven-up their tracks. We carefully curated beautiful musical loops from modular explorations on the Buchla Easel, an iconic modular synth from the 70s, as well as a Prophet 5, Juno 6. To offer maximum flexibility, we recreated some of our favorite synth sounds using Serum, giving you 20 presets to play with. We also layered samples from various analog drum machines to give your beats an authentic flair. All 250 musical loops and 150 drum loops are available as one shots so you can cook it your way, with Analog heat.